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"‎’Slut’ is attacking women for their right to say yes. ‘Friend Zone’ is attacking women for their right to say no."

And “bitch” is attacking women for their right to call you on it.  (via madgay)
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Commit a crime and the world is made of glass.

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To all the Tumblr users who tend to use tags very liberally:


Let’s play a game.

Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.

you, also, what, when, why, how, look, because, never

This isn’t going to have a happy ending.

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tumblr spreads messages like

"i don’t care if my bad mood and attitude offends you i’m not put on this earth to make you comfortable and happy deal with it"

and with the same breath they say shit like

"please don’t use these words and names with me they make me uncomfortable and i want you to stop using them also please be nice to me I’m sensitive and don’t touch me"

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The best part of the winter soldier is Falcon. He was portrayed as smart, skilled, and he actually had substance. They could have easily made him the “comedic relief” with the occasional one liner and stereotypical black shit but they didn’t and he got way more screen time than I thought he would. He was a real person coping with loss/PTSD, taking a job to help others work through theirs, kicked the shit out of Rumlow by his damn self setting up a potential storyline/beef for a future film, and was pivotal in the final fight scene/climax. And did I mention he’s fine as fuck?

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spencer appreciation week: day seven

→ one badass moment


brotp? oh, yeah. okay. they’re totally a brotp. best bros. bros for life. bros MARRIED for life. bros who make out all the time. bros who confess their feelings on a summer night in a field of tall grass. it was windy and there were fireflies

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  • hannibal: how would you kill me?
  • will: i'd do it with my hands
  • hannibal: haha, and then what? ;)
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